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95th International Dog Show

95th Dog Show in Luxembourg live results> No dogs in the car

Please note

The breeds „Australian Stumpy Tail Cattledog - Australian Kelpie - Australian Cattledog“ will be judged in ring n° 8 by M. Luis CATALAN


Results from the main ring of the 95th International Dog Show in Luxembourg are published live from 2.30 PM.

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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Where can I stay with my dog?

Dogs are welcome in these hotels.

HOTEL PARC BEAUX-ARTS, Luxembourg : Tél.: +352 26 86 761 •
HOTEL PARC BELAIR, Luxembourg : Tél.: +352 44 23 231 •
HOTEL PARC PLAZA, Luxembourg : Tél.: +352 45 61 411 •
HOTEL PARC BELLE-VUE, Luxembourg : Tél.: +352 45 61 411 •

PARC HOTEL, Luxembourg : Tél.: +352 349595 •
HOTEL IBIS, Luxembourg : Tél.: +352 438801-1 •
NOVOTEL, Luxembourg : +352 2984885-1 •
SOFITEL, Luxembourg : +352 24 87 72 08 •
DOUBLE TREE BY HILTON, Luxembourg : +352-43-781 •
HOTEL-RESTAURANT THREELAND, Pétange : +352 26 50 800 •
BEST WESTERN EURO HOTEL, Gondrange : +352 78 85 51 •
For a complete list of accommodation possibilities in Luxembourg,
visit the website of the Luxembourg National Tourist Office (

Where can I park?

- Daily parking fee: 5,- € incl. taxes / day
(main car park= "parking nord")

Motor vehicle equipped with a sleeper berth
(type camper and equipped vans) & bus:

Daily fee for autonomous vehicles (without water or electricity connection):
15,- € incl. taxes / day (parking on the main car park = North;
an area dedicated to these vehicles will be defined)

Daily rate for Buses:
15,- € incl. taxes / day (parking at the south car park (entrance facing "Auchan");
(an area dedicated to these vehicles will be defined)

Event Package for Motorhomes including water and electricity connection:
90,- € ttc (parking at the south car park (entrance facing "Auchan");
an area dedicated to these vehicles will be defined)

The encashment will be done by LUXEXPO personal at the car park exit.

hall and car park map

Am I allowed to bring a dog that is not registered to the show?

As an exhibitor or visitor you are allowed to bring a dog that is not registered to the show.
However you must bring your dog's valid vaccination booklet.
Please see also articles 6-8 of the show regulations. show regulations.

How can I enter my dog to the show?

1) You can make your registration by completing the printed form which
has been distributed to you or that you downloaded from the FCL website.

2) Online registration allows you to open a user account and create and manage a list of all your dogs.
This makes entering very easy - you just have to choose the dog and the class you
whish to enter. You can make your secure payment by credit card or bank transfer.
(Checks are not accepted)

Can I pay my registration fee at the show?

The registration fee has to be transferred at the same time as the entry form is sent.
If - for exceptional reasons you are paying on the day of the exhibition, a surcharge of 15 € per dog will be charged.

Can I enter a dog with croped ears or tail?

Dogs with croped ears or tail are accepted
and may compete in all classes, for the CACL & CACIB and
apply for all champion titles (youth - veteran
Champion and Luxembourg Champion).

Can a bitch in heat take part of the show?

Bitches in heat are accepted.

How can my dog become Luxembourg Champion?

Please refer to the attribution regulations for the Luxembourg Champion title.


Can my dog get the CRUFTS qualification at the Luxembourg show?

Qualification for Crufts is given annually at the International Dog Shows in March and September
to the CACIB dogs (male and female) and the best young dogs (male and female)

What must I do if my dog got the qualification for Crufts?

After the show, the FCL forwards the list of all qualified dogs for Crufts to the English Kennel Club where they are then recorded.
Please refer to the CRUFTS website to learn more about CRUFTS registration.

Can my dog qualify for the title "Winner Benelux" and "Benelux Champion"?

In Luxembourg dogs can compete for the title "Winner Benelux" and "Benelux Champion" during the August/September show.
To learn more, please read the Benelux Winner website:

How do I have to apply for the Luxembourg Champion title?

To apply for the Luxembourg Champion title, you will have to send
a copy of your dog's pedigree and a copy of the CACL certificate(s)
to the following adress:
Fédération cynologique luxembourgeoise (FCL)
B.P. 69
L-4901 Bascharage
and pay the fee of 20,00 Euros to one of the FCL bank accounts.

If you have your documents with you, you can also apply for the title
at the dog show's secretary's office.

How can I rent a commercial stand?

To book a trade stand at the show taking place in March, please contact LUXEXPO directly.
Contact: Tel.: +352 4399-1

In September the distribution of trade stands is managed directly by the Federation Cynologique Luxembourg (FCL).
Contact: Mil Molter, Tel.: 352 621 258 583

There is a problem with my registration. Who shall I contact?

If you have any problem with your registration, please contact M. Jean Ernster

Tél.: +352 26 53 16 27