Champion de Luxembourg.

Attribution regulations

The title “Champion de Luxembourg’’ (L.Ch.) will be confirmed by the Federation Cynologique Luxembourgeoise (FCL), on the owner’s request to a dog which has awarded:

a) Two CACL, at two international dog shows organized by the FCL, with two different judges, no time limit. b) One CACL, at an international dog show organized by the FCL, in combination with one CACL at a Club Special dog show,
approved by the FCL, with two different judges, no time limit.
c) One CACL, at one international dog show organized by the FCL, in “Champion class” (titles only recognised by the FCI
and by the FCL).
Should the CACL be awarded to a dog which is a recognized L Ch. on the day of the show, the CACL can be transferred to the dog having been awarded the CACL-Res.

The CACL (male and female) is awarded in the following classes: Champion class – Working class – Intermediate class – Open class.



Approval request of the title of champion of Luxembourg:

he title of champion of Luxembourg will be awarded by the secretary of the FCL, on a written request, by adding, a copy of the pedigree, as well as the copy(ies) of the proposal(s).

Processing fees of Euro 30.00 are to be transferred to one of the accounts of the FCL:

Compte Chèque Postal:
IBAN LU70 1111 0324 9702 0000

Banque Générale du Luxembourg:
IBAN LU69 0030 7513 9769 0000

BIL-Banque Internationale à Luxembourg:
IBAN LU43 0023 1391 4570 0000

The request has to be sent to one of the following addresses:

F.C.L. asbl
B.P. 69
L-4901 Bascharage

or by email:

Establishment of Luxembourg Junior and Veteran Champion titles: These titles might be established the day of the international show organized by the FCL, by verbal applying at the show secretary after paying the amount of Euro 15.00.

(Version_rev 1er janvier 2016)
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